Girard Sharp Appointed Lead Counsel In Macbook Lawsuit

A California federal court appointed Girard Sharp lawyers to lead a consumer class action alleging that Apple sold defective MacBook laptops. The Court’s order gives the firm and its co-counsel “sole authority over all matters concerning the prosecution of the case.” At the hearing, Judge Edward Davila praised Girard Sharp’s commitment to diversity and readiness to responsibly manage case costs.   The case pertains to MacBook laptops equipped with “butterfly” keyboards.  Plaintiffs allege that minimal amounts of dust or debris cause keys to stick or no longer register keystrokes, and MacBook users cannot type. According to the lawsuit, Apple has been aware of the defective nature of these keyboards since 2015 but continued to sell the laptops at premium prices and without disclosing the problem to consumers. Thousands of MacBook purchasers have posted online about MacBook keyboard failures, and the failure of these keyboards is a repeated subject of technology blogs and industry articles. A petition demanding that Apple remedy the problem has amassed over 33,000 signatures. You can read a copy of the complaint here.  Additional coverage about the lawsuit can be found here:

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