Juvederm Lip Filler Investigation

Girard Sharp attorneys are investigating potential claims on behalf of individuals who have received Juvederm lip fillers and experienced filler migration, a complication associated with the injection of soft tissue fillers.

If you experienced Juvederm lip filler spreading to an unintended site, talk to a consumer protection attorney about your rights by filling in our contact form. You may be entitled to relief.

Complications Arising From Juvederm Lip Filler Use

Juvederm lip filler is used to plump areas of the face, enhance lips and soften the appearance of fine lines and deeper facial folds. A complication arising from its use is filler migration, wherein the product travels to an unwanted area and can cause a distortion in physical appearance. Filler migration often impacts the lips and may lead to an appearance commonly referred to as duck lips, filler moustache, or simply overfilled lips.

Dissolving facial filler and thereby addressing the migration in a timely manner requires an additional costly injection, though the product will eventually be broken down by the body. However, while Juvederm facial filler is marketed as lasting 1-2 years, some patients have reported residual filler 4-6 years after their injection which can lead to long-term discomfort with appearance and subject patients to unnecessary medical investigations.

If you experienced Juvederm lip filler migration, protect your rights by contacting a Girard Sharp attorney today. Dial (866) 981-4800 or submit your information through the form above for a free consultation about your options.

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