Oceanview Cremations Investigation

Girard Sharp attorneys are investigating potential claims on behalf of individuals impacted by the reported mishandling of human remains by Oceanview Cremations in Alameda County, California. According to recent reports, six bodies and 154 cremated remains were found on March 1 in a warehouse linked to Oceanview Cremations.

If you were impacted by Oceanview Cremations’ mishandling of human remains, you may be entitled to relief. Protect your rights by speaking to an attorney—contact us using the form below or by calling us toll-free at (866) 981-4800.

More About the Oceanview Cremations Investigation

Recent reports reveal that on March 1, 2023, authorities discovered six bodies and 154 cremated remains in a Hayward, California warehouse linked to Oceanview Cremations.

Oceanview Cremations’ license was suspended in March 2018, at which point it was prohibited from storing remains on its premises. On February 28, 2023, however, the California Cemetary and Funeral Board informed the Alameda County Coroner’s Bureau that Oceanview Cremations was continuing its operations.

After the bureau recovered the remains, local authorities contacted the families of the people whose bodies or remains were discovered.

If you were affected by these developments, contact us for a free consultation about your experience with Oceanview Cremations by filling out the form above.

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