Settlement Approved in Data Breach Case Against 21st Century Oncology

On November 2, U.S. District Judge Mary Scriven preliminarily approved a settlement of $7.85 million in the 21st Century Oncology Data Breach Litigation.

In October 2015, a breach exposed the personal and health information of 2.2 million oncology patients.

The settlement agreement provides for a cash payment of up to $260 for time spent dealing with the ramifications of the data breach. Victims can also recover up to $10,000 for documented losses and expenditures linked to the breach. In addition to monetary compensation, claimants will receive free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services.

Notice of the settlement will be mailed out to everyone affected by the data breach by January 8, 2021, and they will have until May 10 to file a claim.

Daniel Girard, Jordan Elias, and Simon Grille served on the Plaintiffs’ steering committee in this action.

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