What’s a Class Action?

Jordan Elias— October 15, 2018 When many people think of class actions, they think of a postcard describing a settlement in tiny print and often offering little in the way of a payment. At Girard Sharp we believe class actions can be a vital tool to get money back to those who have been wronged—and also to deter future wrongs.  Think of a class action as a way for ordinary people to turn the tables on misbehaving banks and other big companies by banding together to have more power. The representative plaintiffs play a role similar to that of your representatives in Washington. The class members are the constituents who experienced the same misconduct.  The Supreme Court pointed out that by combining many low-value claims into a single lawsuit, a class action can allow claims to be pursued that wouldn’t be “worth the candle” to bring individually.  As class action attorneys, we advance all case expenses. And we only get paid if the class gets the relief we are seeking. This means our incentives are aligned with those of our valued clients. If you believe you’ve been ripped off or overcharged, contact a Girard Sharp attorney about bringing a class action to seek justice for yourself and others in the same boat.


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